When Eyes Open Book

New Book: When Eyes Open

In Andrew’s brand new book, follow his story of questioning and longing to see the same miracles found in the Bible. He discovers a more awesome and amazing Jesus than he had ever known. Now available as an ebook. Paperback edition is to be announced.

Transforming Fire

This teaching will ignite a passion to reach those who do not know Christ. Gain insight into how the fire of God works in your life. How it affects others around you. And how the fire of God unlocks the power of the gospel.

It’s Easy to be Healed

For over 2000 years there has been a battle between the good news of Jesus and legalistic religion. Legalism tries to make it difficult to receive something from God. In this revolutionary teaching you will discover that to receive healing from God is easy. The grace of God will shock you. Burdens will be lifted. And you will learn how easy it is to receive healing from God.

Radio Interview with Andrew Friesen

This is a radio interview recorded live in Winnipeg, Canada with Andrew Friesen on a local christian station called CHVN. Andrew answers questions about the call of God, compassion for souls, and the power of the gospel to transform lives. Be blessed and encouraged!

The Power of Partnership

Would you like to be apart of something that can change the world? Learn the vital role that you play in God’s divine and eternal purposes. Discover the joy that God wants to share with you in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.

(Spanish)  Como Usted puede ver sus sueños hechos realidad

Muchos hablan hoy de sus sueños y visiones. “No renuncies a tus sueños” y “Persigue tu sueño” son frases comunes. ¿Sabes cuando tus sueños provienen de Dios? ¿Cómo hacer para ver tu visión hecha realidad? En estos 3 MP3’s puedes aprender cuánto Dios desea que sueñes y los veas cumplidos.

The God of Miracles

A miracle is a supernatural intervention of God. The Bible is full of miracles. Jesus performed miracles. The first church was birthed in an atmosphere of miracles. The miracle power of God flowed from the hands of the first believers like a never ending river and God has not changed. He is still the God of Miracles.

In this teaching, Andrew shares insights from God’s word on how you can receive miracles from God. What are the hindrances to miracles? And how you can be used by God to bring miracles to others. What are the qualifications? If you need a miracle or desire to be used of God in the miraculous this MP3 set is a must.