South Asia is a breathtaking part of the world with a large part of the world's population, most of whom know very little or nothing about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Upon arrival you immediately sense the warmth and hospitality of the people.  Their colorful clothing and spicy food are out of this world.  Most of the people practice the Hindu religion consisting of over 333 million different gods and goddesses.  Someone once said that “India is a museum of religions.”  As I walked along the beach of the Ocean with my friend, I was immediately struck by the many temples and idols representing the various gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion.  I was reminded of the Apostle Paul in Athens, “While Paul was waiting for them in Athens, he was greatly distressed to see that the city was full of idols.”  Acts 17:16.  Paul then went on to PROCLAIM CHRIST to them.   He just preached Christ to them.  Why? Because Christ is the answer for the world!  Christ is the answer for India! Christ saves, heals and delivers! Hallelujah!  Christ was about to be lifted up with signs and wonders to the precious people of Tekalli, and history was about to be made.   

Night 1

Thunderous shouts of “hallelujah” and “praise the Lord” in their native Telagoo language filled the atmosphere as thousands of people (mostly Hindu) gathered on the huge open field to hear the good news of Jesus and be healed of their sickness.  That’s the same reason why people came to Jesus over 2000 years ago.  “…who had come to hear Him and be healed of their disease.” Luke 6:17.   The size of the crowd was impressive for the first night.  You could see the desperation on the beautiful faces of the people as I announced the good news!  Even though thousands had gathered on our Festival grounds, they were so attentive to the preaching of the word of God that you could hear a pin drop.  The response to salvation was amazing!  That’s always the greatest miracle!  The Lord confirmed His word with signs and wonders!  One after another came to the platform and testified how Jesus had healed them.  Several spoke and demonstrated how Jesus had healed their back, legs and removed pain from their bodies.  The spiritual hunger of the people was truly moving.  Faith and expectation were building and the crowd would grow even larger.  

Night 2

The crowd had grown.   I preached on the power of the blood of Jesus.  Amazing response to salvation again with several miracles.   1 deaf person was healed.  Most people would be thrilled.  But it was a little discouraging.  Only one deaf person healed?  We are used to seeing Jesus heal a lot more deaf people than that. The Lord spoke to my heart and told me to give them the Jesus Style and really demonstrate the power of God.  Don’t be discouraged, their faith is building! Immediately I was strengthened.  I knew something awesome was going to happen the next day. 

Night 3

Before getting up to preach, my attention was drawn to a lame man with a walking stick sitting to the left of the platform.  I could see the faith and expectation in his face.  The crowd had grown even larger!  The praise and worship was heavenly!  From the moment I took the microphone I knew that this was a night of amazing breakthrough!   I sensed the nudging of the Holy Spirit saying to me that this particular lame man with the stick was going to be instantly healed before everyone’s eyes.  The peace of God came over me.  After I was done preaching and praying a mass prayer for the sick, I boldly told the pastors to bring me only that man with the walking stick.  Next, I threw his stick, just like a spear soars through the air.  Some of the pastors got nervous.  The next thing I knew I grabbed him by the right hand and told him he has no choice now but to walk.  The power of God hit him and he began to walk perfectly.  He even RAN up and down the platform demonstrating to the thousands of precious people present that there is power in the blood of Jesus.  Hallelujah!   It was like an explosion of God’s love and faith went off.  Several more deaf people were instantly healed as I laid hands on the people before having them come on the platform to testify.  It was a bit chaotic to say the least, but it worked.  The crowd rejoiced with explosive joy as they saw people who were clearly deaf repeating words and clapping their hands after I clapped mine, giving the proof and evidence that Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life. Many more miracles took place.  Including a lady hopelessly sick with failing kidneys.  When I prayed for her the power of God touched her in such a powerful way she could hardly get off the floor.  The momentum the Holy Spirit had given us was now building even more.  

Night 4

I preached a short message from the Scriptures titled “With God all things are possible.”  Hundreds more souls were saved, and again many came to the platform and testified how Jesus healed their bodies.  The lady with the kidney failure from the night before came to the platform glowing with joy and  with a doctor’s report in her hand confirming the miracle.  JESUS GAVE HER BRAND NEW KIDNEYS.  The doctor’s report confirms that there is nothing physically wrong with this woman.  Hallelujah!    

Night 5

The crowd had now reached its crescendo!   Amazing presence of God and energy.  Politicians from the city even came to the meeting.  All the pastors and leaders honored us with a special cultural ceremony and Christmas cake.  It reminds me of the Apostle Paul in Acts 28:10 “…they honored us in many ways” - how after the LORD did miracles the people went from unbelieving to believing in Christ.  That night I preached on how I know Jesus is alive from 1 Corinthians 15.  Salvation, miracles, and a massive baptism of the Holy Spirit took place as hundreds, if not thousands, stormed the stage receiving a touch from the Lord.  I prayed for one government official that had come to the Festival with a crippled shriveled up hand.  After touching his hand in the name of Jesus the power of God instantly healed him leaving us all in amazement and wonder at the mercy of God.   There were even people from the hospitals coming to the Festival to be healed hearing of the wonders that Jesus was doing.  

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Where We are Going in 2017

Our vision is very simple.  “For the son of man has come to SEEK and SAVE that which was lost.”  Luke 19:10.   Our vision at World Gospel Explosion is the same as Jesus’ vision.  That is TO WIN THE LOST.  Some of you can pray.  Some of you can give financially.  Some of you can use your unique gifts and abilities, but it all comes down to this great and most fulfilling purpose in life!  WINNING PRECIOUS SOULS for eternity.  In 2017 that is exactly what we are going to do.  1. Win the lost!  2. Win the lost!  3.  Win the lost!  All the month of January I’m preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Barranquilla, Colombia.  In February I will be traveling to Miami to share the word of God.  After that I will be participating in a crusade back in Barranquilla. Colombia.  And later on in the year we will be sharing the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit in a massive evangelistic outreach that will be touching an entire nation and winning the lost for the glory of God!  

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