Dear Friend, 

It’s true! Your financial gift puts you in Colombia with us. The dozens of people who accepted Christ this last weekend and the many amazing miracles of healing were possible because of your partnership with us. WOW! 

God uses people to do His work and you are one of His faithful servants!

Wish you could have seen the woman who came to our meeting on Sunday morning.  She was deaf in her left ear.   For years she was unable to hear out of her left ear.  In the meeting the Holy Spirit spoke to me that He would heal the deaf.   Well, you know what happened! She was instantly healed by Jesus and began repeating words proving she can now hear out of her once deaf ear. That one miracle was worth all that we invested in our Crusade. Thanks a million for making so much happen in Colombia.  

Friend, it’s been a while since I’ve communicated with you in this way.  I would prefer to look directly into your eyes and speak in my own direct style, but this letter will have to do.  The Lord has been doing so many amazing things lately in Colombia and I’m very excited to share yet another opportunity for the gospel in Colombia.  

On April 20, 21 and 22 we will be proclaiming the gospel to the city of Pivijay, Colombia in cooperation with the local church in a  Great Crusade in the street plaza.  How exciting is that?  

Pivijay is town of approximately 40,000 inhabitants situated in the province of Magdalena near the coast of the pacific ocean.  

Founded in 1774 by Jose Flores, Julian Valera, and Antonio Sanchez because of the rising floods of the Magdalena river,  Pivijay is rich in culture and religion.   

Why are we going to Pivijay?  Because Jesus commanded us to Go into all the world and preach the gospel to EVERY creature.  Mark 16:15.  I feel more strongly about this TODAY than every before.  THE GOSPEL MUST BE PREACHED.  Jesus died for ALL people and the least we can do as BELIEVERS is present the message to the world.  The people of Pivijay included.  Are they not valuable to God?  Jesus shed His blood for them.  Yes, Jesus is so precious to me and I know He is to YOU as well.  That’s why we must bring the good news to Pivijay.  Some may never hear unless YOU and I go to them.  

If Jesus words mean anything to us, then we will respond in faith obedience.  Here is an amazing fact:  

Did you know that the ONLY one thing that Jesus specifically told us to do while He was on this earth was to give everyone a chance to hear the gospel?  He never specifically told us to build church buildings, Bible Schools, write books (don’t get me wrong these are all good things) but Jesus never told us to specifically do any of those things.  The ONE thing He specifically told us to do in Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20 and Acts 1:8 was to go to all people and proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This must be our FIRST priority.  

“And this gospel must FIRST be preached to all nations.  Mark 13:10

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15 


We can become so consumed with self center living in the church that we forget the ONE most important and specific thing Jesus gave us to do.  It’s so easy for Christianity to become all about MY blessings, and I NEED healing and I NEED this and I NEED that that we loss our focus.  Our FIRST priority is the gospel!  

People in Pivijay are lost and looking for answers.  YOU and I have the answer!  JESUS saves, heals, baptizes in the Spirit and gives the greatest gift of Eternal Life!  If we don’t go some may never hear.  We need YOUR help.  Stand with us!  Help us with your best financial gift to the ministry that empowers and enables US to bring the good news.  I believe the city of Pivijay is going to turn to the Lord!  The Spirit is moving!  The people are ready!  We are ready!  Please give safely online here or send us your gift through the mail to: 

World Gospel Explosion 

PO Box 40078 Lagimodiere 

Winnipeg, MB

R2C 4P3


A million thanks!  

We love you and God loves you even more. 

For souls,



P.s.  Don’t forget to send me your prayer request!  When we seek FIRST God’s kingdom ALL these things are added to you.  Matt 6:33.  

P.p.s  Also, Remember that World Gospel Explosion is recognized Charity with the government of Canada and you will receive an official tax receipt for your donation that will give you benefits with your tax returns at the end of the year.