Rocio and I just wanted to write you this letter to let you know how much we appreciate you and share an amazing opportunity with you.  

The Lord has been doing some truly amazing things lately! 

The number of people being saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit is phenomenal.

The Lord opened the door and gave us the honor of proclaiming the good news and praying for people to be set free in one of the largest if not the largest church in the city of Barranquilla that has over 3 million inhabitants.   

It was a true move of God!  The crowd was so responsive and attentive to the Word being preached!  Who could resist being caught up in the current of the captivating energy of the Holy Spirit.  You could see dozens of hands lifted as I gave the invitation to receive Christ.  After announcing a short but powerful message, I started to pray for the sick calling one after another to the front as the Holy Spirit would guide me.  One after another people enthusiastically came to the front and were instantly healed!  Many were struck with awe at the greatness of God!   The deaf were healed.  Another ladies eye sight was restored.  And  many other miracles took place!  What an awesome God we serve!     

It’s with great excitement that I share with you our next Gospel Adventure that’s just around the corner...

Our Goal is to Bring the Hope of Jesus Christ to Every Person in Belize!

More than three thousand years ago, a prophet asked an intriguing question, “Can a nation be saved in a day?” (Isaiah 66:8). We believe the answer is “Yes!” This July 2017, World Gospel Explosion, a team of evangelists, a multitude of missionaries, and hundreds of local churches will join together to make this prophecy a reality in the nation of Belize.  Will you help us bring hope to those who need it the most? 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            From Wednesday July 19th - July 22, 2017 thousands of people from the city of Corozal, Belize will gather together where I will be preaching the gospel and demonstrating the power of God in cooperation with the local pastors in that area.  At the same time there will be 9 other evangelists proclaiming the good news strategically in other cities across the nation with the goal of reaching every person in Belize with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  How exciting is that?

On Saturday - July 22, 2017 thousands of people from across the nation of Belize will gather together in Belize City for a historic day of music concerts, X-tream sports, fun, games, and most importantly a message about the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.  All 10 of the evangelists, including myself, will take part in the sharing of the Word and praying for the people on this very important and historical day.  I believe the nation of Belize can be saved in one day.  So what does this have to do with YOU?  Jesus said in John 14:12 “Truly, truly I say unto you that whoever believes in me (are you a believer?) the works that I do he is going to do.  And GREATER WORKS than these shall he do because I’m going to the Father.”  Jesus said that you will do the same works He did and even GREATER WORKS.  How is this possible?  I believe that a huge part of it is when ordinary believers like you and me partner together to make BIG things happen.  Through your love and your giving you literally are participating in the greater works.  Friend, your help is urgently needed today!   Would you prayerfully consider giving your best and biggest missions offering to save the nation of Belize today?  

Please make your donation by clicking here or send your love gift to: 

World Gospel Explosion

PO Box 40078 Lagimodiere

Winnipeg, MB Canada R2C 4P3

You can make your cheque out to World Gospel Explosion.  You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.  Thank you so much for responding today!  Remember that we love you and God loves you even more.  

For souls,  


P.s. Don’t forget to send your prayer request to [email protected] so my wife, daughters, and myself can stand with you in prayer.