Our Goal was to Bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and power of the Holy Spirit to Every Person in Belize!

More than three thousand years ago, a prophet asked an intriguing question, “Can a nation be saved in a day?” (Isaiah 66:8). We believe the answer is “Yes!” This July 2017, World Gospel Explosion, a team of evangelists, a multitude of missionaries, and hundreds of local churches joined together to make this prophecy a reality in the nation of Belize. 

Wednesday July 19th - July 22, 2017 God did miracles as hundreds of people from the city of Corozal, Belize gathered together where I was preaching the gospel and demonstrating the power of God in cooperation with the local pastors in that area.  At the same time there were 9 other evangelists proclaiming the good news strategically in other cities across the nation with the goal of reaching every person in Belize with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The gospel was shaking the entire country. How exciting is that?

It was such a joy to be together with my lovely wife Rocio and two daughters Andrea and Laura on this family mission trip.  Even though it had it’s challenges at times, it was more than worth it.  God showed Himself amazingly faithful throughout every detail of this gospel adventure!  

One of the unique things about the city of Corozal is that they had never ever experienced an evangelistic outreach like this before.  Situated just miles away from the Mexican boarder, Corozal is a city full of an interesting culture and facinating history.  We had the chance to visit the Mayan temples where they performed human sacrafices so many years ago all in an effort to try to please the gods.  It reminds of the scripture in Ecclesiastes that states that “God has put eternity in the hearts of people.”  There is a cry in every person to know the God of the universe.  What a privilege to be sent by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the greatest sacrifice of Christ Jesus and Him crucified and risen from the dead for all people.  Truly the partners (that’s you) of World Gospel Explosion and myself were pioneering something unique and unprecedented.  

Night 1 (Corozal) 

The first night was powerful night of breakthrough!  As I stood on the platform with my family, you could feel the cool ocean breeze while the faith and expectation on the people’s faces permeated the atmosphere.  People were shouting with such enthusiasm and conviction as I declared the good news of Jesus Christ.  People raised their hands like palm trees across the eager crowd as a symbol of their wanting to receive salvation from sin and the new life only found in Jesus.  After leading the congregation in a mass prayer of salvation I began praying for the sick, instructing those who needed healing to come to the front of the platform.  The power of the Lord manifested in a supernatural way healing the people one after another.  The Lord would show me who was healed and I would then ask the ushers to bring them on the platform to testify.  One after another testified how Jesus had healed them in hip, legs, back, and deliverance from demons.  All the pastors were so receptive to the moving of the Holy Spirit they all asked me to pray for them that God would impart the same power of God and anoint them to win souls and heal the sick.  And He did!  Pastors were supernaturally touched by the Holy Spirit as I laid hands on every one of them.  Some were even healed. Salvations and so many healings took place I was going to end the meeting because I thought everyone will be healed tonight so I won’t have anyone to pray for tomorrow.  So I announced to the people by the gift of faith that tomorrow I will pray for the deaf, so bring the deaf tomorrow because JESUS will heal deaf people.  One lady who was deaf in one ear got so excited she could not wait for the next day so she rushed to the platform, pushed her way through and asked me to pray for her in front of the crowd.  This woman could not be stopped.  I commanded her ears to open in the name of Jesus and the power of God miraculously hit the woman and opened her ear in front of the eager congregation.  Can you imagine the joy? It was a glorious faith building way to end the first night and to prepare the people for the amazing miracles Jesus was about to do the next day.  

Night 2 (Corozal)

The crowd had more than doubled! What had proved to be a powerful and amazing first night was only the beginning to what God was about to do.  The pastors were so excited they asked me to preach and minister before the special music in order to have time to pray for all the people who had come to the Festival so desperate for a touch from the Lord.  Some had even travelled great distances from other towns and villages just to hear the good news and receive a miracle from God.  “I have not come to Corozal to talk about my special anointing or to talk about religion, but I have come to Corozal Belize to proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior, Healer, Baptizer into the Holy Spirit, and the Coming King!” I declared full of faith and the Holy Spirit.  Enthusiastic shouts of “Amen!” and “Hallelujah!” sprung from the excited crowd faster than the text messages on your cell phone!  After preaching the Word and giving the call of salvation, I pleaded with the people to accept Christ and not let this opportunity pass.  “You’ve heard the Word and see the miracles!  Every miracle you’ve seen is God saying I love you.  Let Jesus live in you.  Come to Christ tonight.”  The Holy Spirit was drawing people.  There were young people, older people, and every age in between stood to their feet and came to the front as a response to accept Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior.  Always the greatest miracle!  

After a mass prayer for the baptism in the Holy Spirit, Jesus once again poured His Spirit on the people and performed signs and wonders once again.  In fact, so many deaf people got healed we lost count.  One story that touched everybody’s heart was of a little girl who came to the Festival partially deaf and during the prayer she turns to her dad and says she can hear Jesus had healed her.  Another precious little girl who was deaf and mute began hearing and speaking.  One man who was deaf in one ear for three years got completely healed.  It was a glorious end to a historical Festival.  

What God did reminds me of the scripture, “with great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and much grace was upon them all.” Acts 4:33. 

Night 3 (Belize City) 

Thousands of people from across the nation of Belize gathered together in Belize City for a historic day of music concerts, X-tream sports, fun, games, and most importantly a message about the life that can only be found in Jesus Christ.  All 9 of the evangelists, including myself, took part in the sharing of the Word and praying for the people on this very important and historical day.  Many hands were raised when I gave the invitation for people to accept Christ.  The Holy Spirit then showed me to pray for the young people struggling with addictions to drugs.  So I called the people forward for healing and deliverance.  What God did next was extraordinary!  In the unique style and gifting God has given to me I went down to lay hands on the people. The power of God broke through.  People were crying and worshiping!  It didn’t matter that the humidity was almost unbearable and the sun was baking the people.  The Holy Spirit was moving.  Next, the Lord spoke to me about one lady that I brought on stage before she was healed of pain in her legs.  I boldly said to the young people, “Are you ready to see a miracle” and BOOM the power of God touched the lady and she began walking with me on stage without any pain.  Hallelujah!  Jesus is so wonderful and consistent.  

Only heaven will reveal all the lives touched and changed forever through your partnership in Belize, however here are some of the final statistics.  Numbers are important because people are important.  To Jesus belongs all the praise and glory!  And a million thanks to you the partner!  -Andrew  

Number of Evangelists: 9

Number of Cities where Festivals took Place: 10 

Number of Missionaries who participated in the trip: 198 

Total Ministry Sites: 87 

Total attendance at all events: 50,756 

Total who watched on Facebook: 27,600 

Total who watched on TV in Belize and on EnLace: ? 

Total of Salvations: 4,993  

Total healed: 938 

Total filled with the Holy Spirit: 537

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God bless you and Thank you!  

For souls,