Amazing Miracles in Barranquilla

Dear Friend,​

We pray that you are doing well and enjoying the presence of Christ in you!

The Lord moved so powerfully the first night of our Seminar in Barranquilla, Colombia.  So many people testified how their lives were touched and changed forever!  There was one young man who came to the meeting who had never set foot in a church before.  Not only did he hear the gospel for the first time, but he got saved and instantly healed from a bad shoulder.  Praise the Lord!  Jesus is so wonderful and consistent.  

​The first session was a time of teaching and equipping the church in evangelism and the power gifts of the Holy Spirit.  It was a life-changing time of impartation, inspiration and activation.  After a question and answer time we all went to a public park near the church and shared the good news with people in the Jesus Style.  It was such a blessing for us to see the church so enthusiastic and to hear and see so powerful testimonies afterwards how God used them to heal the sick and touch the lost.  What a joy!   

On the last and final day Jesus once again proved Himself faithful and alive by performing many amazing miracles. 

The Lord instructed me to call on certain people to come forward and 11 or more people one after another were all miraculously and instantly healed.   There was a deaf lady who got healed.  She came up deaf and after prayer enthusiastically repeated words proving she hears out of her once deaf ear. Others were delivered of demonic oppression and addictions. And many other miracles took place.  The Holy Spirit was glorifying Jesus!  People were weeping tears of joy!  It was a glorious celebration of the goodness and greatness of God.  The pastor's wife said that our coming was a direct answer to her prayers!  All glory to God! 

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For souls,